Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who am I?

Who am I? To start I am David Herrick. Yet that is not enough of an answer. David Herrick is simply a combination of letters on a page that mark me in a manner so others may identify me. The answers that come to mind are that I am a MAN, A BROTHER, A SON, A FRIEND, A COLLEGE STUDENT, A FRATERNITY MEMBER, A ROWER. ALTHOUGH THAT’S TOO SIMPLE, AND I KNOW THAT I NEED TO ELABORATE.  
            To begin with the first I am a man and THAT is easy enough to see. I am tall; 6’4” to be precise, blonde hair, blue eyed, and believe I fit our cultural definition of what it takes to be a man. That is to say I am masculine, athletic, intelligent, brave (I can only hope) etc.
            I am a brother to my three younger siblings WHO are a source of pride in my life. They are fifteen years old, yes all three of them since they are triplets, WHICH I know is certainly unusual. I have gotten many looks of surprise, even awe, when I share that little fact who WHOEVER I may be speaking with.
            I am a son to my mother and father without WHOM I do not believe I would be the person I am today. They are kind, loving, considerate and most importantly patient people who have had a greater impact on me than I can say. AS A PSYCHOLOGIST, MY MOTHER HAS THE WONDERFUL ABILITY TO HELP WITHOUT BECOMING OVER INVOLVED. AFTER TEACHING FOR ALMOST FORT YEARS; MY FATHER UNDERSTANDS YOUNG ADULTS VERY, VERY WELL AND OFTEN REALIZES I NEED HELP BEFORE I DO.
            I am a college student at Washington State University WHOSE constant struggle is to balance school, friends, rowing, sleep and general health. It’s a complex system that involves sacrificing time and energy from one area to be put into another. I am a dual major in English Teaching and Psychology. I believe I could be a good teacher, many friends and family members have said so and I would be following a trend in my family, but I am not sure that it is what I truly want to do. At this point I am leaning more on going to graduate school to become a doctor of psychology, specifically in sports psychology.
            I am a member of a fraternity, but there are many on campus. I AM PROUD TO SAY MY FRATERNITY – TAU KAPPA EPSILON – IS ONE OF THE BEST HOUSES ON CAMPUS. We believe in building better men for a better world by helping our members become balanced, well rounded gentlemen. This means excellence in grades, community service, philanthropy events, and social events. Though I originally had no intention of going Greek as a freshman I can say it was one of the best decisions of my life.
            LASTLY (THOUGH NOT IN TERMS OF PRIORITY) I AM A ROWER. Rowing is (besides the oldest intercollegiate sport in America) one of the most difficult. It takes years to become proficient and thousands and thousands of hours to become physically fit enough to compete. It takes commitment, passion and a drive to win that surpasses most other sports. I am proud to say that I am part of the small community that makes up this completely bizarre and backwards sport. It has taught me not only hard work and dedication, but also taught me more about myself that I doubt I would have discovered otherwise. I have been pushed to limits I did not know I had and can say I know myself better.
            These are a few things that make up who I am, but to WHOMEVER may read this I hope you understand me better.


  1. It's interesting you chose to write a little about yourself. Some people lose sight of who they are and it's nice to re-establish that once in a while.

    I noticed your patterns were spread out almost evenly througout your blog. They even varied from where they were in the paragraph; some in the beginning, middle and end. In the newspaper activity in class most of the AAAWWUBBIS's came at the beginning of the sentence. You used several relative clauses, (I had a little trouble with those because I don't use them much while speaking so they are lacking in my writing) But you got them!

    You were also very consistent with the style of writing. To me, it looks like all your patterns were used correcty. Nice job!

  2. Definitely, your best blog yet, David! I'm so glad to learn more about you--including the triplets, your mom's profession, your passion for rowing.

    Only problem with "WHOEVER I may be speaking with." Try plugging in HE or HIM into that sentence: "I may be speaking with HE/HIM." If HIM sounds right, then WHOMEVER is the correct relative pronoun; if HE sounds right, then WHOEVER would have been correct.

    Keep experimenting!